Here is a video abstract for my paper “‘Verdammt Metall’: Marx’s Use of Shakespeare in his Critique of Exchange Value” published in Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory, Vol 45, 2017, Issues 1-2. (Scroll down for the video):

Here is a video of a talk I gave at Stillpoint Spaces, Berlin, 25.1.17: Wilhelm Reich, Life and Work in the Modern World System.


Here is a video of my paper about Wilhelm Reich’s Dialectical Materialism and Psychoanalysis, read at the For a Materialist Psychoanalysis Conference May 8-9, 2015, University of Warwick.


Here is the link to the podcast of my paper, Bestriding the Threshold of the Self and the Other in Coriolanus, read at Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory, April 2, 2016.


Link to the lecture capture of my paper, The World Literary Nexus in Ludwig and Dorothea Tieck’s Translation of Shakespeare and Cervantes at the Spectrum Ends of World Literature Conference, October 10, 2016, University of Warwick. (Copy and paste this into your browser and click Play on PM session)

To listen to a talk that I gave at the Freud Museum London, Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis: The Formative Influence of Shakespeare on Freud and the Development of Psychoanalysis, go to the Museum’s iTune page below and scroll down to Jan 21, 2013.

Interview with Prof Jonathan Bate about Shakespeare’s Influence on Marx and Freud:


Interview with Prof David Mclellan about Shakespeare’s Influence on Marx:


This is a link to a lecture/workshop on Student-Centred Teaching using Moodle that I delivered at the Warwick University Library Teaching Grid: